Saturday, 2 August 2008

Paella (well, my take ..)

Bit like paella, bit like risotto .. I had to put parmesan cheese on mine! Don't moan at me for not being authentic, but here is what I did, if you are interested. Because it was gorgeous.
Soften a small chopped onion, a pepper, and some crushed garlic in olive oil. After a few minutes, add bits of spicy sausage, (any you like at all, I used sweet chilli ones) and chicken. When that is all cooked on the outside, add about half a tin of chopped tomatoes, and mix them in. Then add paella rice, and mix in.
Put the kettle on, and get a jug. Into the jug, lob a spoonful of turmeric (unless of course you do have saffron), a dollop of sundried tomato paste, and marigold stock powder. Add the boiling water and you have a very delicious stock - add it to the pan. I used a whole 500g bag of rice and it took about 2.5 pints of water, but just keep tasting and testing as you go along. When it looked like there were about 5 minutes to go, I added raw prawns. That was it.
This really is optional, but when it's on the plate, squeeze some lemon over it, and drizzle with olive oil. Finally, grate over fresh parmesan (I apologise to any passing frowning Spanish people), a grind of black pepper, and jump in.

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