Sunday, 17 February 2008

Nigella's Greek Lamb Stew with Pasta, and Feta and Oregano Topping

My version did differ in some ways: 1) I used red wine, not white. 2) I left the carrots in, because I like them .. when this was done on Nigella Bites, she fished them out. 3) I added cinnamon because I like it, in Greek dishes. 4) I halved the recipe.

I tried the completely unauthentic but delicious crumbled feta and fresh oregano mixture as a topping - do not consider eating this without it! What a lovely bowlful of steaming, meaty, winey, herby, pastary, cheesey JOY this made.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Traditional English Breakfast, on a Winter Holiday

A dozen raw eggs, in a pan, prior to the addition of salt, pepper, a dash of milk and a nob of butter, waiting to be slowly and softly scrambled. However, if I told you this was alien giant yellow frog spawn, you could believe it, couldn't you.
We also had bits of toast with it, but fried bread is a great possibility. Then we had coffee, croissants and jam for afters. Please note that as my holiday activities centred around walking, cycling and swimming, this level of Famous Five style calorie intake was simply a nourishing, necessary evil.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Banoffee Sundaes

It's hard to get a photo which does these justice, because all the goodness is buried deep below the cream and you have dig down to get it ...
Begin with any kind of cake; plain madeira is ok but a cake on a toffee or fudgey theme is better. Add some toffee or fudge sauce, then slices of banana. Sprinkle over some chocolate buttons. Perhaps some chocolate sauce, at any stage, if you prefer.
When you have layered cake, banana and toffee / fudge in satisfactory proportions, pile on some vanilla ice cream. Finally, big dollops of cream, and shards from a broken flake bar.