Saturday, 20 October 2007

Macaroni Cheese in the Slow Cooker

This slightly barmy recipe is from an American website for slow cooker recipes. I couldn't believe any sane person would try and do pasta in this way, so I tried it out of curiosity.

Stage one: the macaroni has been cooked and put in the pot with a spoonful of oil and half a cup of melted butter ..
Stage two: I have now added milk, a tin of evaporated milk, salt, pepper and a great big block of grated cheese. I have to say, there was a nice sort of milky buttery smell .. Then the lid goes on and you can forget about it for four hours.
Three hours and a couple of good stirs later, it looked like this. But it did taste quite nice! And I could not resist chucking in some tomatoes and bits of bacon.

A further hour and a bit later, and it looks like this. The macaroni is now the consistency of baby food.

(Verdict: I still don't think any sane person would try and do pasta in this way.. but it was ok I suppose.)

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