Monday, 4 October 2010

Baked Bean Bread

Interesting, this. Half a can of beans, added to the usual ingredients for a loaf in the bread machine.

The only downside was that a huge air bubble got trapped just under the top crust - resulting in a huge, swollen loaf which came bursting out the tin. When I sliced it open, it was like a big cave, inside the bread. I am not sure how to prevent this happening again.

Then again, it wouldn't stop me doing this bread again. When you eat it, you don't think, "ah, beans" - it just tastes nice, and had a satisfactorily chewy texture.

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  1. That's definitely one I'll have to try. I've done beans in brownies and things, why not bread? Thanks for linking up over at The Executive Mom. Hope you'll come back every Thursday to link up again. I'm a new follower. (: