Sunday, 26 September 2010

Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae with Honey Syrup Poached Pears, and Blackberry Compote, darling. And a crumbled flake on top.

Wooaaarrgh what a big juicy chuffer of loveliness this one was. Start with a layer of chopped madeira cake, top with 2 or 3 pear halves (poached in syrup made with honey and brown sugar, which is why they went a bit golden) THEN some blackberries, cooked and squashed a bit in a splash of water and some sugar to sweeten, THEN home made vanilla ice cream (out of the Ben & Jerry's ice cream book ... great book) and FINALLY some chocolate. Buttons, sauce, flake, up to you.

Future additions, could be, some toasted chopped hazelnuts sprinkled in somewhere. I also considered making some nutty crumble topping (on its own, I mean) and sprinkling that on. Imagine that.

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