Thursday, 2 September 2010

Meatloaf - Ode to The Food Pornographer!

Whilst taking my rumbling tummy for a walk on the web recently, I came across this utterly stunning meat loaf recipe on The Food Pornographer (you will have to visit and look at hers!) and I had to make one for myself. I admit, its the sight of those smiley cheeky eggs in the middle that get to me ...
I made my own version based on what seemed good to me, with beef, sausagemeat, onion, some little bits of chopped ham, stuffing mix (better than breadcrumbs, in these situations, I reckon) and against ALL my instincts and upbringing - I smeared the top with tomato ketchup before it went in the oven. As far as I can tell, most of the americans do this to their meatloaves too. "Ketchup Glaze" they call it ... anyway. It baked in the oven for an hour. Delicious. Thanks TFP!

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