Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Live Below the Line Day 3: Nasi Goreng (sort of)

My son thinks of "stir fry" as the worst thing to eat you could possibly imagine. He hates the idea of lots of things being mixed together, so that when you dig in, you don't really know what you are going to get and put in your mouth. Well, I think he is weird and it is precisely the mish mash of textures and tastes, crunchy soft savoury sweet salty bouncy pea-y spicy ricey oniony carroty runny eggy (and maybe meaty and fishy when I am flush again) which just completely bloody Blows. My. Mind.
I have never made Nasi Goreng before but have always thought it looks really pretty with the egg sitting on top rather than mixed in. What I have gathered from reading about the dish is that it is for using up leftover rice and other tasty bits and pieces, and is supposed to taste spicy, salty and sweet (cwoooorrr!). So I improvised by using curry powder, chinese five spice, soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce.
I will get stuck in with the ingredients and prices. As usual I bought the cheapest I could find in Aldi & Tesco, except the soy & sweet chilli, which came from the chinese supermarket.

70g white rice = 3p
40g peas = £0.028p
1g (½tsp) chinese five spice = 2.7p
2g (1tsp) curry powder = 3p
1 carrot = 3p
¼ cabbage = 11p
½ onion = 1.75p
1 egg = 6.6p
20ml oil = 2p
15ml sweet chilli sauce = 5.6p
½ tsp soy sauce = 1p
Total: 42p

Cook the rice as you normally would and have it ready. Fry the onion, carrot, cabbage and peas in the oil. Add the powdered spices and  mix them into the vegetables. Then add the rice, and mix all that in too. Just before the end of cooking, stir in the soy and sweet chilli sauce. Let it sit off the heat for a moment while you fry your egg. Pile the rice onto your plate, and sit the egg on top. 

Daily total:
Breakfast & coffee = 6p
Lunch (same as yesterday) = 24.6p
Another coffee = 1.5p
Carrot snack = 3p
Tea = 42p
Total: 77p

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